I found the "accountability"

Le Webb’s help with my weight loss was amazing. She gave me easy to follow instructions and the support and encouragement from Le was fantastic. I found the “accountability”
to Le has greatly motivated me. I now feel healthy, confident and happier.

I would recommend Le Webb to anyone who is looking for nutritional and exercise support.

Thank you Le for making me feel good about myself and giving me the motivation to carry on!

Pam Lee

Extremely unfit and unaware of how important exercise was!

When I first met Le I was 16 and, with no other way to describe it, fat! I was 85kgs, bordering on a size 16 and extremely unfit and unaware of how important exercise was! I had a gym membership and had tried all sorts from Jenny Craig to a 12 week challenge, but had always put the weight back on! I was getting increasingly unmotivated from not being able to keep my results. That was until I met Le.

Le took over my training near the end of my 12 week challenge, and I continued training with her afterwards. With Le’s eating plans and exercise programes I began seeing amazing results, and even better, keeping them! Now im not saying it was easy, but Le’s constant encouragment and creative approach to exercise and nutrition, like her super food of the week, or random new exercise that she had created which would cause my bum to ache for days (in a good way!) kept me motivated and I eventually reached my goal, and managed to maintain it!

Five years on and Im still training with Le, whenever I feel like Im slipping or I need a bit of extra help, I text Le and go and catch up for a thrashing! She never ceases to amaze me at how she can make everything hurt at once, but also seem to tighten within weeks!

Recently I did the 6 week challenge with Le and achieved amazing results, all thanks to her ‘tick sheet’ which made sticking to my eating plan (I refuse to call it diet, because it really didnt feel like one!) a competition with myself! I lost around 4kgs in a week and really got re motivated with my exercise. And as much as every time I train with Le, I glare and tell her how evil she is, she is the one who got me these results, and I can’t thank her enough for it.

Over the years I have trained with Le she has become one of my best friends, and I can’t recommend her enough to anyone. Whether you are just starting out, or are in need of a boost, or are an athlete needing rehab, Le can do it all!

Thank you Le for being my friend, my motivator, my counciller and for ignoring me when I tell you how evil you are! You have helped and taughed me so much and I am forever grateful. XXX
Kylie Minnell 2010

they just keep shedding off!

Testimonial for Le Webb

..FANTASTIC program and with such fast results!
I have tried so many different exercise programs and ‘diets’ only to find that this is the best out there (6 week challenge).
I am so encouraged and appreciative of Le’s help and vast knowledge. Not only does she take an actual interest in you and your health, she makes her own personal goal to be sure you obtain your goals!

Thanks Le, they just keep shedding off!

Kezzia Crossley
Customer Services Representative

Not for one minute did I believe that I could achieve

Not for one minute did I believe that I could achieve so much in just two short weeks. I’d spent the winter gaining 4kg’s and feeling horrible.

By the end of the 2week Xtreme program I lost all but 1/2 kg of the weight, 2.5% body fat and over 2 inches off my waist and I’m now back in my skinny jeans.

I also regained my motivation, discipline and confidence. Achieving this was a simple as ‘following the program’.

Thanks Le so much for giving me “ME” back. You are absolutely amazing!

Jo Stirling
September, 2010

for all you ladies and men out there looking for a personal trainer

I chose Le as my personal trainer primarily – because she is everything that she says she is on her personal profile on her website.

By nature Le is full of smiles and very social, softly spoken with a contagious laugh.

Le is very open in her approach to clients – she listens to what you what to achieve and your goals.

She is not unrealistic when she writes your Eating Program and Gym Program – but she expects results when it’s time for weigh in and measuring.

Le always makes herself available to clients via email or mobile phone for any questions, about his or her program.

I believe it is an important factor to build a rapport with a personal trainer; they get to know your personality, abilities, strengths, and weaknesses.

Le has a sound knowledge of her back ground in health and fitness, and is always looking at furthering herself in regards to learning more within the changes in her field.

Le will research a subject on your behalf if she is not entirely sure.

Le has encouraged me, advised me, laughed at me, but above all she has my best interests at heart.

Le is not only my personal trainer, she is a person I can trust – and that in it self says it all.

So therefore – for all you ladies and men out there looking for a personal trainer – look no further you’ve found her.

Her name is Leanne Webb

Food is no longer my boredom beater

Testimonial for Leanne Webb

As a mum to a pre-schooler I found my weight getting away with me. My whole world had changed, from not exercising nearly enough to reverting to foods that pleased my child so I could avoid any potential struggles/arguments over eating. Le and the six week challenge have re-programmed my brain back to my BC (before child) mind set.

Food is no longer my boredom beater or my “its been an exhausting day” buddy. Le has helped me remember food is my fuel and that although I might not have the time as a mum to exercise as much as I should, I can manage my fuel accordingly. Thank you Le for getting me back on track and for reminding me to think about ME again.

Cheers lovely

Competing in a figure competition

Testimonial for Leanne Webb

I first started training with Le back in April 2007. My goal at this time was to compete in a figure competition. I decided to go to Le for my training programmes because she is so friendly and approachable! Right from our first session Le created a challenging program which suited my body shape. Every time I had a programme change I was guaranteed to be sore for at least a week! But Le not only helped me with training, she helped motivate me, especially in the last few months leading up to competition.

At each weigh in, Le encouraged me to keep training hard and that it would worth it when I’m on stage… and she was right! So I just want to say a huge thank to you Le, you made my goal achievable. And another big thank you for coming to my shows to support me in Auckland and in Tauranga, you helped ease my nerves. But I am not finished yet I may compete again.

Why would I recommend Le?

• She’s friendly, approachable and always so happy!
• She’s knowledgeable in all areas of health and fitness
• She creates programmes which suit you, and which work for you
• You’re guaranteed to get results……. If you stick to the programme!!
• When you run out of energy….Le will be there to push you through those last few reps
• She’s is just a great motivating trainer


At the time of writing this I have had a huge year. I placed 3rd at the NZFBB Novice Figure Tall Sony Schmidt competition September. I then placed 2nd in a NABBA competition in Taupo in the same month. I also went on to win the NZFBB National Junior title for 2007.

Thanks so much Le!

Emma Pendleton

Gone were the days of lying on my bed to pull up my jeans!

Testimonial Le Webb for Form Health and Body Management

After spending the last two years at Form with Le as my trainer I have had great success with my weight lose and fitness but I was finding my body was on a ‘plateau’ so I decided to take the leap and start the extreme two week challenge and I was completely shocked at how well it worked! Over the two weeks with fantastic support from Le I lost 18cm and 2.8kgs!

Something that would have taken me a long time to get off, it was hard work but with the personal training from Le that comes with the program I was able to achieve and surpass my goal.

After the final weigh and measure I actually had something of what looked like abs, my thighs were smaller and gone were the days of lying on my bed to pull up my jeans! After the extreme challenge I went on to the six week challenge, this kept my motivation to carry on and I ended up losing another 22cms!

I now have a completely different body and summer swimming has been breeze for the first time in my life thanks to Le and her fabulous programs, I highly recommend them both to lose your weight, these programs give you the knowledge to carry on eating right and exercising properly which no other personal trainers or diets have done for me.

Amber Elliston
Director Stratford Interiors, 2011

Le totally changed the way I worked out

I went to Le with the intention of having a Personal Trainer write me a few programs to help me achieve a bit more out of my workouts in the gym. What I got was a whole lot more than that. Le totally changed the way I worked out and taught me how to develop my own programs.

I have now been designing and implementing my own programs for the past two years following Le’s brilliant quidelines. I have to say that I definately picked the right Personal Trainer for the job. Le is so approachable, helpful, honest and inspiring. I could not have asked for anything more from her.

If you are wanting the best Personal Trainer around, then without a doubt pick Le!

Jo Stirling, Tauranga.

Dianne Walsh

Hi my name is Dianne Walsh.

In 2008 I entered the first novice Pole Fitness Championship in New Zealand. As this was a competition in fitness using a pole as the medium I knew I would need a little extra help in getting my fitness levels up.

A good friend of mine had Le as a Personal Trainer and introduced me to Le.
Le assessed my fitness levels and asked me what I wanted to achieve, and how much I wanted to put into my program. From here Le designed a program for my needs which included sport specific warm ups, stretches and strengthening exercises and a cool down.

Le encouraged and supported me during the period of my training and as a result I was able to achieve the goal I set myself (which was to win the competition!).
When I enter my next Pole Fitness Championship in 2010 I will be employing Le as my Personal Trainer to help me reach my goals.