Celebrations call for food, and lots of it, especially in the form of a pot luck or buffet style meal. Whilst this is a great solution to ease the stress on the wallet it can have quite the opposite effect on the belt buckle. Sometimes will power is not enough to avoid the dessert table 6 times, a solid plan needs to be put in place before hand.

Below are some tips to help you avoid the buffet binge;

Vegetables First

Start the loading process with as many vegetables as possible. Aim to fill your plate with at least ½ vegetables and green salads. Note to self; yes potato is a vegetable, but NO, potato bake is not the type of vegetable salad I am referring to, neither is the creamy pasta salad, regardless of the amount parsley in it which gives it some form of greenery. Aim for salads with no potato, rice or pasta. This is a great starting point. Now you have a ¼ of your plate left for the complex carbohydrate of your choice (potato, pumpkin, kumera, pasta or rice) and a ¼ of the plate for meat or protein.

1 Trip

Apply the 1 Rule. That is, 1 trip to the mains table and 1 trip to the dessert table only. There is no need for a second round to see if you missed anything the first time. Chances are you did miss it, but there is an even greater chance that you don’t need it, that is unless your planning on running 10km that afternoon to burn it off. Don’t torture yourself by returning to the buffet.

Hit It and Run

Hit the food bar and run, to a seat as far away as possible, with your back to the food serving area is an even better idea. Take with you a group of friends who eat extremely healthy. By surrounding yourself with people eating healthy you will remove the visual cues for junk food. With some distance created between you and the food bar temptation is now lessened by distance.

Celebrations almost always revolve around food, this relates back to the cave man days when there was such a small amount of food available, luckily these days we do not have that problem. Try and focus on the main reason you are at the event, to celebrate something special i.e. a marriage, a birthday an anniversary or some colossal achievement. Socialise, mingle and leave feeling much lighter by not doing 5 rounds with the buffet table.

Happy Training