three things you can do to prevent quitting this week

I posted a quote on the Form Health Facebook page this morning “If you are tired of starting over, then stop giving up”. No truer words were spoken. How many times have you started a journey only to find the going gets tough, other things take priority and you quit? Before you know it, well it’s Monday again and you are starting all over on your health and fitness resolutions.

For some reason we have this insane belief that a significant lifestyle change is going to be easy. The truth of the matter is that it is going to be hard work, but on the flip side it is going to be worth it.

Below are three things you can do to prevent quitting this week;

  1. Adjust Your Attitude

Anything worth doing takes time and effort, stop expecting it to be easy. When starting a new exercise routine chances are the first week or two you are going to be tired, and a little bit tender in places you never knew existed, but guess what, so is everybody else. Suck it up and keep going, this will phase will pass, however, in order to get to the next phase you need to give your body time to adjust to the new load.

  1. Plan Ahead

Another great quote – “Those who fail to plan, plan to fail”. Plan your meals ahead of time so that you are not tempted by the snack box. Plan the times that you have available in the next week to do your workouts, then schedule them in just as you would a hairdressing appointment or dinner with friends, that way you will be less likely to run out of time to fit them in, or be thrown by an unexpected event.

  1. No Excuses

If you look for an excuse not to exercise you will find one; I don’t have enough time, it’s cold, its dark, it’s raining, I can’t afford a gym membership, etc… All of these excuses add up to you giving yourself an out. Make this the week to say NO EXCUSES, get on your bike and get moving. You may be surprised to learn that walking \ running cycling in the rain won’t actually kill you.

There are always plenty of reasons not to work out and eat healthy. On the other side of the coin there are many more reasons why you should make it a priority.

Happy Training


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