That’s two dress sizes!!!

Testimonial for Le Webb

I’m not a body sculptor or athlete and have no aspirations for greatness. I just want to be healthy for my family. I am a Mother of two (5 & 2 year old) boys who works 3 days a week and didn’t realise how much extra weight had crept on over the years.
I started a six week challenge with Le in September after being talked into it by friends. I was wanting to lose 10kg. I must have been delusional. I hadn’t stood on the scales in years, didn’t want to know my weight during my pregnancies. I was living in denial. Le didn’t even tell me my weight until a few weeks ago, I wasn’t ready to know (I was scared!)

I’m now 14.7kg lighter than I was 3.5 months ago and I’ve lost 60cm from over my body (that’s two dress sizes!!!) and I’ve still got 10-12kg to go.
Life is easier now, I can run down the beach after my boys, I don’t get a sweat up doing housework and exercise is fun (really!!!) To be able to fit back into old size 14 – 16 clothes rather than looking at the size 20 rack is a great feeling.

Looking back I never thought I had an unhealthy diet, I’m food conscious but my portions were way out of whack and stuff I never even thought about was high in fat and sugar – it no longer features in our fridge!!! We’re eating healthier and as a family we’ve made some real changes.

Thanks so much Le, I could never have done this without you, I’d been failing miserably on my own for years. I’m looking forward to the next six week challenge and another positive result. You’re awesome!

Sarah Cook

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