100kg lighter and having maintained my goal weight for over 2 years

At 42, 190kg, and wondering if anyone actually made clothes beyond 6XL, I had pretty much lost hope of ever losing weight and keeping it off. That is until one night over a glass of wine I made a bet with a Personal Trainer disguised as a friend that changed my life.

As luck would have it that Personal Trainer was Leanne and she was only too happy to inflict her own enthusiasm for fitness on the unfit.
I knew there was no secret formula, the truth was simple to lose weight and be healthy I needed to learn how to manage the kilojoules going into the body, and start burning some kilojoules off with an exercise plan.

So with a healthy eating plan in my back pocket and a desire to learn to use food as fuel rather than as a security blanket, Leanne put together a program to get me under way.
Exercise and I had never really been the best of friends, so the regular training sessions with Leanne not only kept the exercise fun, but she ensured I exercised safely, my program changed as did my “form” was always correct to get the most out of the effort I was putting in. And it’s hard to lose focus and motivation when Leanne was always as excited and proud of my weekly achievements as I was.

Even now, 100kg lighter and having maintained my goal weight for over 2 years, I’m still surprised how far I’ve come, from where a gentle walk was a substantial workout, to being able to run a half marathon in 2005, and now really enjoying my new active lifestyle.

Can Leanne help you reach your goals…. You bet she can!

Tony McGeady

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